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Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer

Aggressive, Experienced, Respected

Exceptionally informed and absolutely prepared. Convincing and dynamic. His courtroom skill is formidable and a factor that can change momentum in any case. Our clients describe Tampa criminal defense attorney Brian E. Gonzalez in these or similar terms — and so have the legal experts who comment on trials in the national media.

When you enlist attorney Brian E. Gonzalez to handle your criminal problems, you are getting a lawyer who highly values your freedom, future and reputation. He also values his own good name as a top-tier, nationally known defense attorney with a career built on trial victories and successful negotiations with prosecutors.

Mr. Gonzalez has built this record through all-out effort for men, women and juveniles in trouble over the past 29 years — exclusively in the criminal defense arena, in both state and federal court. We have successfully represented thousands of clients with excellent results. We have earned a reputation as an ethical law firm that upholds the highest standards of legal integrity and professionalism.

A Skilled Legal Team Led by a Dynamic, Respected Defender

Brian E. Gonzalez, working with professional legal assistants who also have over 27 years of experience, is exceptionally well prepared to protect your rights, whether you are coping with a Florida DUI, a drug charge, or any other felony or misdemeanor.

In fact, our firm has handled over 28 homicide cases providing, dedicated, effective representation in the most serious cases. We have helped thousands of people accused of drunk driving, serious drug crimes, and most other Florida crimes. We have proven our skill and resourcefulness consistently in matters involving white collar crime, theft, rape and homicide allegations.

Put Experience and Skill on Your Side

When your future is on the line, you simply cannot afford to place it in the hands of an inexperienced or average lawyer. It is essential that your criminal defense attorney knows the area courts and every viable defense strategy, from violations of your constitutional rights to admissibility of DNA and computer-based evidence to credibility of law enforcement and other witnesses in the case.

Winning depends not only on the circumstances of your case, but also upon how well the case is presented to the judge, a jury or a prosecutor. You need experience on your side. You need a strong reputation on your side. You need an attorney who has risen to the top of his game by concentrating in only one area of law — criminal law.

Contact a Tampa DUI Attorney for a Free Consultation

Whatever criminal charge you are facing, you can turn to us. Beginning with a free initial consultation, we at the Law Offices of Brian E. Gonzalez, P.A., demonstrate real compassion for you and your family, backed by maximum effort to protect your future.

Call us today at 813-463-8809 or toll free 888-309-7560. You can also contact our law firm online.